Accelerating Young Minds | AYM Elementary Program
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AYM Elementary Program

Accelerating Young Minds Elementary – Informational video

Why is this program so essential?

AYM provides enriching, personalized learning in the 11 learning platform items. AYM stresses the importance of measuring a student’s ability to apply his/her intelligence, not simply their intellectual (academic) capacity. AYM provides a continually evolving mental development process that requires a sustained source of new and challenging opportunities to develop the mind of the student. It will save a teacher time and allow the student to progress at his/her own pace.

How does the program help students?

Utilization of this program will result in a student who is able to think on his/her own and take on the challenges of learning, all while expressing his/her abilities in the real world, both in and outside the classroom. The students are evaluated on important factors such as self-efficacy, creative thinking ability, maintaining motivation and direction; which are all necessary in determining success.


You can choose the suitable level(s) for your children upon registration (after purchase) of this product. We recommend placing your student on the program that may seem simpler because it will allow you to be certain they have retained knowledge previously learned.  It is also a fantastic way to begin to collect ongoing information on child’s values and cognitive development, which is a continuous process.

Level 1
AYM Elementary Screen Shot

This program includes over 150 math, language, science and history activities that are suitable for children 5 to 6 years of age.  It includes required Kindergarten academics and standards as well as age appropriate critical and creative thinking objectives.

Level 2

This program includes 150 math, language, science and history activities that are suitable for children 6 to 7 years of age.  It includes required First grade academics and standards as well as age appropriate critical and creative thinking objectives.

Level 3
Product Screen - Bird Song

This program will include over 100 math, language, science and history activities that are suitable for children 7 to 8 years of age.  It includes required Second grade academics and standards as well as age appropriate critical and creative thinking objectives.


Human Touch Learning Platform Chart

Click image above to enlarge chart.


AYM is compatible on computers with Flash Player installed and tablets that are Flash player compatible Not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

AYM Elementary Program


From $19.99 / 30 days

AYM can be used in a school setting or at home.

If you are a representative of a school or school district and would like information about getting AYM for your school or district, please contact an AYM representative.

Home users may visit the Products page for more information and buying options; monthly subscriptions are available and you can cancel at any time. The purchase of this product includes access to over 300 math and language activities. Students move through the activities at their own speed and can be automatically moved to the next level at no added cost (depending on subscription purchased.)

Each student follows a personalized learning path, with immediate corrective feedback. A preset group of activities follow advanced grade level academic expectations, core standards, self-efficacy, and creative and critical thinking abilities.

Data is collected for each level and provides a clear, real-time snapshot of how students are progressing toward grade-level benchmarks. More information on data collection and examples of AYM reports.

Teachers and parents can focus on instruction, without having to stop to administer a test, because AYM has embedded assessments and Common Core progress monitoring.


Of the many compelling reasons for providing students with instruction to build vocabulary, none is more important than the contribution of vocabulary knowledge to reading comprehension. Indeed, one of the most enduring findings in reading research is the extent to which students’ vocabulary knowledge relates to the mind images created through cognitive learning and real world experience.  Without a personal vocabulary stored in the brain, children cannot and will not read to their needed ability.

Text from book or other print only Visual for word in the AYM program Added knowledge from real visual and audio support
bald eagle
  • It is a bird
  • It is a big bird
  • It flies high
  • It has big claws
  • It has a white head
  • It has feathers
  • Bird name (oral/visual)
  • Visual in right hemisphere of brain
  • Sound of word

Other AYM Products

AYM Pre-K Program

AYM Pre-Kindergarten Program

From $19.99 / 30 days

AYM Pre-Kindergarten Product includes access to over 80 learning activities in language, math, core standards and cognitive learning. Upon registration your child will play intuitive placement activities that will automatically place your child in the appropriate preschool or pre-k level activities.


Before you sign up: make sure and take advantage of our 3 for 1 pricing!  You can sign up 3 kids for the price of 1. If you don't have 3 kids in your household, then sign up your niece, nephew or a friend's child.

Enjoy Accelerating Young Minds!