Activity List Level 3
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Level 3 Activity List

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  • Alphabet Review

    A review of letters a-z. (CCSS.RF.1.1)

  • Letter Order Fun

    A review of letter order with letters and words. (CCSS.RF.1.1)

  • Opposites

    Child matches opposite items. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Hide and Seek

    Child identifies animals hidden in nature.

  • What Am I?

    Child is given clues and asked to identify the object. (CCSS.RI.K.1)

  • Noisy Vowels

    Child places the correct vowel on pictures and sorts the vowels in to correct category. (CCSS.RF.1.2,CCSS.RF.1.2.a)

  • Scrambled Please

    Child selects correct word for a scrambled word. (CCSS.RF.1.3, CCSS.RF.1.1)

  • Swing and Spell

    Child uses diphthongs to complete words. (CCSS.RF.1.2.b, CCSS.RF.1.3, CCSS.RF.1.3.c)

Retention Measure

  • Vowels Quiz

    Child is tested on long and short vowel sounds.

  • Magiacal Letter E

    Child matches pictures to words with and without a Final-e. (CCSS.RF.1.2, CCSS.RF.1.3, CCSS.RF.1.3.b, CCSS.RF.1.3.c )

  • Brain Teasers

    Child answers fun Riddles. (CCSS.RI.1.4)

  • Your Teacher

    Child is asked multiple choice questions about history. (CCSS.W.1.8)

  • Decode It, Recode It

    Child will segment a word into its individual sounds. (CCSS.RF.1.2.c, CCSS.RF.1.2.d)

  • What's Up

    Questions about Attitudes and Behavior are asked.

  • Gas N'Go With Blends

    Child must select words with specific blends to take their cars to the gas station. (CCSS.RF.1.2, CCSS.RF.1.2.b)

  • The Bossy Letter R

    Child completes words and sentences with correct r-controlled vowel blends. (CCSS.RF.1.2, CCSS.RF.1.2.b,CCSS.RF.1.3, CCSS.RF.1.3.c)

  • Farm II

    Child chooses the correct word for the picture shown. (CCSS.RF.1.4, CCSS.RF.1.2)

Retention Measure

  • Diphthongs Quiz

    Child is tested on knowledge of diphthongs.

  • Final E Quiz

    Child is tested on using silent e or non-silent e words.

  • R-Controlled Vowel Quiz

    Kids do a word search to find words with variant vowels.

  • Decoding Words Quiz

    Child is tested on knowledge of number of phonemes in words

  • Blend Quiz

    Child selects the picture that best matches the blend given

  • Twister

    Child unscrambles sentences. (CCSS.L.1.1.j,CCSS.RF.1.1)

  • Animals

    Child chooses the correct word for the picture shown. (CCSS.RF.1.2,CCSS.RF.1.4)

  • Living Things

    Child deciphers between living and non-living items. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Target Practice

    Child uses letter sounds to make new words. (CCSS.RF.1.2, CCSS.RF.1.3)

  • Word Families

    Child finishes words that belong in word families. (CCSS.RF.1.2.b, CCSS.RF.1.3, CCSS.RF.1.3.a, CCSS.RF.1.3.b)

  • Spelling With Letters

    Student must make words from scrolling letters. (CCSS.L.1.2.d, CCSS.L.1.2.e)

  • Wacky Word Endings

    Child uses ing, es and ed to complete words. (CCSS.RF.1.3.f, CCSS.L.1.4.c)

  • Word Families 2

    Child finishes words that belong in word families. (CCSS.RF.1.2.b, CCSS.RF.1.3, CCSS.RF.1.3.a, CCSS.RF.1.3.b)

  • Sounds the Same

    Child identifies rhyming word pictures from set of 6. (CCSS.RL.1.10)

  • Finishing Verses

    Poems are presented and the child must find the correct rhyming word that completes the poem. (CCSS.L.1.4.a, CCSS.RL.1.1, CCSS.RI.1.1, CCSS.RF.1.4, CCSS.RF.1.4.a

Retention Measure

  • Word Endings Quiz

    Words with the correct ending are chosen.

  • Letter Twister Quiz

    Words that are twisted are decoded.

  • Making Words Quiz

    Child uses letters to make a new word.

  • Spelling Quiz #2

    Child spells word asked for.

  • Word Quiz

    Child spells words that are in the same family.

  • Rhyming Quiz #2

    Children are quizzed on which rhyming words fit in a sentence.

  • Super Verb

    Action words are taught and used in sentences. (CCSS.L.1.5.a, CCSS.L.1.1.e)

  • Fun Rhyming Poems

    Child identifies if a poem contains any of the five senses. (CCSS.RL.1.4, CCSS.RL.1.10, CCSS.RF.1.4, CCSS.RF.1.4.a)

  • What is Happening

    Child is asked questions and must decide what is happening what has happened.

  • Finding Nouns

    Nouns with their pictures are classified into their Categories. (CCSS.L.1.1.b, CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Misspelled Words

    Child used word parts to spell words and then they must place the correctly spelled word in a sentence. (CCSS.RF.1.1, CCSS.RF.1.3.b)

  • Identifying Pronouns

    Pronouns are used to replace Proper nouns in sentences. (CCSS.L.1.1.d)

  • Singular and Plural

    Student places correct singular or plural words on pictures. (CCSS.RF.1.3.f, CCSS.L.1.1.c)

  • Avid Adjectives

    Child uses adjectives to describe items in images, they also use images to describe words. (CCSS.L.1.1.f,CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Word Quest

    Child identifies the correct homograph that matches the description given. (CCSS.RI.1.4, CCSS.RF.1.4.c, CCSS.L.1.2.d, CCSS.L.1.2.e, CCSS.L.1.4)

  • Syllables

    Child sees a word and will identify how many syllables the word contains. (CCSS.RF.1.2, CCSS.RF.1.3.d, CCSS.RF.1.3.e)

Retention Measure

  • Verbs Quiz

    Child selects the words that are verbs.

  • Nouns Quiz

    Child decides if an image is a person, a place, a thing, or an animal.

  • Pronouns Quiz

    The correct pronoun is selected to complete a sentence.

  • Singular and Plural Quiz

    The correct ending is added to the word.

  • Adjectives Quiz

    Words are sorted into “Adjective” or “Other” categories.

  • Word Crunching

    Child chooses correct words to make the compound word. (CCSS.RF.1.3)

  • Identify Me

    Child identifies an object in a close up. (

  • Materials

    Items are presented and the child must identify the material of which the item is made. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Musical Instruments

    Child answers questions about instruments after learning all about them. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Going West

    Child answers questions about American Pioneer’s history.

  • Mind Over Matter

    Student must correctly answer brain teasers.

  • Word Warrior

    Child matches words to their description or definition. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • The World Around Us

    Child answers questions about the world they live in.

  • Birds II

    Child chooses the correct word for the picture shown. (CCSS.RF.1.2,CCSS.RF.1.4)

  • Consequences

    Child answers questions about morals and behaviors and hears the consequence of each choice.

Retention Measure

  • Compound Words Quiz

    Children are tested on knowledge of compound words.

  • Syllables Quiz

    Child must decide how many syllables words have.

  • Descriptive Words Quiz

    Child is given a set of descriptive words and must select the picture that best matches.

  • Forest II

    Child chooses the correct word for the picture shown. (CCSS.RF.1.2,CCSS.RF.1.4)

  • Perfect Punctuation

    Child uses punctuation and then corrects/chooses sentences with correct capitalization. (CCSS.RF.1.1.a, CCSS.L.1.2,CCSS.L.1.2.a, CCSS.L.1.2.b)

  • Self Esteem

    Child answers questions about how they feel about themselves and others.

  • Affix Clues

    Child will choose the correct meaning for a word with an affix. (CCSS.L.1.4.a, CCSS.L.1.4.b)

  • Conjunction Function

    Child will use the correct conjunction to join 2 sentences. (CCSS.L.1.6, CCSS.L.1.1.g )

  • Learning Attitudes

    Child answers questions about how they feel about learning.

  • Flip Flop

    Student must select correctly spelled sight words from matrix. (CCSS.RF.1.3.g)

  • Preposition Alley

    Child sees an image and is asked to use a preposition to identify the placement of specific items. (CCSS.L.1.1.i)

  • More Sight Words

    Child selects the correctly spelled sight words and then uses them in a sentence. (CCSS.RF.1.3.g)

  • Read and Compare

    Child is shown how a seed germinates and then they must answer various questions about that process. (CCSS.RI.1.1, CCSS.RI.1.3, CCSS.W.1.8, CCSS.RL.1.1, CCSS.RL.1.7, CCSS.RI.1.1

Retention Measure

  • P & C Quiz II

    Child correct sentences with punctuation and capitalization mistakes.

  • Affix Quiz

    A word with an affix is shown and the child must select the definition.

  • Conjunction Quiz

    The child selects the correct conjunction to complete the sentence.

  • Preposition Quiz

    Child is tested on which prepositions fits in each sentence.

  • Read Sight Words Quiz

    Child selects the sight words asked for.

  • Read Sight Words Quiz II

    Child selects the sight words asked for.

  • Word Play

    Child uses a decoder to figure out the word that is being asked for, then they must make a new word from a word given. (CCSS.RF.1.1)

  • Perfect Passages

    Child is shown a passage, they then must put the mixed up passage back in order and identify the main idea. (CCSS.RL.1.1, CCSS.RI.1.1, CCSS.RI.1.2, CCSS.RI.1.7, CCSS.RI.1.10)

  • Imperfect Sentences

    Child will select the word that fits correctly in the sentence. (CCSS.L.1.1.j)

  • Vegetables and Fruit

    Child chooses the correct word for the picture shown. (CCSS.RF.1.2,CCSS.RF.1.4)

  • I Scream, You Scream

    Child selects all the meanings that fit each homograph. (CCSS.L.1.4 , CCSS.RI.1.4, CCSS.RI.1.10, CCSS.RF.1.4.c)

  • Predictions

    Student must choose objects and words that predict what happens next.

  • Think and Pick

    Child quickly chooses images that fit in a given category. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Discovery

    Student chooses the correct image based on a category. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

Retention Measure

  • Reading Quiz #1

    Child hears story and puts the sentences in order, then they identify the main topic.

  • Word Meanings Quiz

    Child chooses definitions that match words with multiple meanings

  • Connections

    Child categorizes words into a themed picture. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Catch a Glimpse

    Child sees a picture for a short time and then answers 3 questions about the image. (

  • Classifying Words

    Child classifies words into categories. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Sounds Around

    Child hears a sound and must identify what word represents that sound. (CCSS.L.1.5.a)

  • Word Work

    Child chooses all the words that fit an item. (CCSS.L.1.5, CCSS.L.1.5.a , CCSS.L.1.5.b , CCSS.L.1.5.c)

  • Totally Typing

    Child learns to use the keyboard and practices typing words and sentences. (CCSS.RF.1.1, CCSS..L.1.1.j)

  • What Do You Do?

    Child answers questions based on behavior and morals.

  • Related Words

    Child finds all the synonyms for a word, they can use a dictionary to verify meaning. (CCSS.RI.1.5, CCSS.RI.1.6, CCSS.L.1.5,CCSS.L.1.5.d)

  • Jolly Jokester

    Child guesses the punchline to funny jokes.

Retention Measure

  • Typing Quiz

    Child’s typing ability is tested.

  • Word Meaning Quiz #1

    Child is tested on what descriptions match an object.

  • Word Meaning Quiz #2

    Child decides what words best describe an image.

  • Number Jump

    Child selects number called out (numbers 1-50). (CCSS.1.NBT.A.1)

  • Solving the Sequence

    Child types missing numbers into the sequence. (CCSS.1.NBT.A.1)

  • Count on It!

    child counts items up to 100 and then they must type the written numeral using digits. (CCSS.1.NBT.A.1)

  • Estimation

    Child estimates number of items in a picture that is shown for only 5 seconds.

  • Number Bunches

    Skip Counting by 5, 10 and 20. (CCSS.1.NBT.B.3)

  • Roll and Classify

    Child classifies the number rolled into more than one category. (CCSS.1.OA.A.1, CCSS.1.NBT.B.3)

Retention Measure

  • Skipping Numbers Quiz

    Child completes the sequence by counting by 2, 5 and 10.

  • Classify Numbers Quiz

    Child sorts numbers and equations into categories.

  • Add It Up

    Child uses pictures of objects to make equations-up to 3 numbers. (CCSS.1.OA.A.1, CCSS.1.OA.A.2, CCSS.1.OA.C.5, CCSS.1.OA.C.6)

  • It's the Same

    Child identifies the commutative and associative number sentences. (CCSS.1.OA.A.1, CCSS.1.OA.B.3)

  • Subtraction Attraction

    Child is asked to find the unknown addends for subtraction problems by solving the addition problem first. (CCSS.1.OA.D.8, CCSS.1.OA.A.1, CCSS.1.OA.B.4, CCSS.1.OA.C.5)

  • Dice and Marbles

    Student adds and subtracts using dice and marbles. (CCSS.1.OA.A.1, CCSS.1.OA.C.5, CCSS.1.OA.D.7,CCSS.1.OA.D.8)

Retention Measure

  • Addition Quiz

    Quizzes child’s ability to add using pictures.

  • Plus and Minus Quiz II

    Child is asked true or false questions about whether 2 equations are equal.

  • C & A Property Quiz

    Child must find correct equations with order of addends changed and then the child types the missing number in equations where the grouped addends are changed.

  • Subtraction Quiz

    Child types the missing number in addition and the opposite subtraction problems.

  • Making Numbers

    Child uses base 10 blocks to make numbers in two ways. (CCSS.1.NBT.B.2, CCSS.1.NBT.B.2a, CCSS.1.NBT.B.2b, CCSS.1.NBT.B.2c)

  • Adding in Base 10

    Student practices adding using base 10 blocks and number sentences. (CCSS.1.NBT.C.4, CCSS.1.NBT.C.6)

  • Subtracting in Base 10

    Student practices subtracting using base 10 blocks and number sentences. (CCSS.1.NBT.C.6)

  • Number Ops

    Mental math practice with 10. (CCSS.1.NBT.C.5)

  • Number Stories

    Student solves addition and subtraction word problems. (CCSS.1.OA.A.1 )

  • Comparing Numbers

    Child answers questions using greater than less than and equal to symbols. (CCSS.1.NBT.B.3)

Retention Measure

  • Base 10 Quiz

    Quizzes on addition and subtraction using 10’s and 1’s blocks.

  • Number Story Quiz

    Tests ability to solve word problems.

  • Analyzing Figures

    Child finds shapes that fit into specific categories tasked for. E.g. find all the shapes that have 4 sides. (CCSS.1.G.A.1)

  • Fraction Fun

    Children are taught about fractions and asked which fraction is greater, to find the fraction shown, and to click the fraction of items colored. (CCSS.1.G.A.3)

  • Pattern Play

    Child completes complicated patterns and then repeats the pattern shown.

  • Building Shapes

    Child composes two-dimensional shapes. (CCSS.1.G.A.2)

  • More Fraction Fun

    Child is asked to select which shaded shape shows a specific fraction, they order fractions and then they answer true and false questions about fractions that equal 1. (CCSS.1.G.A.3)

  • Measuring Mayhem

    Child compares 3 or more objects and determines if they are shorter, longer, taller etc. Then they use objects to measure lines and type the number of items used to measure that line. (CCSS.1.MD.A.1))

Retention Measure

  • Shape Quiz

    Child sorts shapes by common attributes.

  • Finishing Patterns Quiz

    Tests on ability to finish complex patterns.

  • Fraction Quiz

    Child is quizzed on word problems that deal with fractions.

  • Matching Money

    Child finds the group of coins that add up to the amount shown. (CCSS.2.MD.C.8)

  • Measuring Mayhem 2

    Children answer word problems about measurements. (CCSS.1.MD.A.2)

  • Fun With Time

    Child answers questions about what time the analog clock shows and makes the time on an analog clock that is asked for. (CCSS.2.MD.C.7)

  • Learning Daze

    Children learn about the months of the year and are asked questions about each month. (CCSS.1.MD.B.3 )

Retention Measure

  • Measure Quiz

    Child manipulates objects to change the size depending on what was specified.

  • Coin Quiz

    Child answers questions about coins. (E.g. There are 10 of these in a dime)

  • Clocks Quiz

    Tests the ability to read the time on an analog clock and connect the clock with the time in numbers e.g. 4:00.

  • Data and Tallies

    Child makes tally charts for groups of images shown. (CCSS.1.MD.C.4)

  • Working with Data

    Children read and complete bar graphs with given provided. (CCSS.1.MD.C.4)

Retention Measure

  • Tallies Quiz

    Child chooses which tally chart is correct using the images shown.

  • Graphing Quiz

    Tests for knowledge on how to read and interpret data in bar charts.