Activity List Kickstart
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Kickstart Activity List

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  • ABC Song

    Child sings the Alphabet Song while clicking letters.(CCSS.RF.K.1d., CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Letter Train

    Child helps the train move forward by selecting letters of their choice. (CCSS.RF.K.1d., CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Learning A-M

    Learning the letters a-m.(CCSS.RF.K.1d)

  • Letter Magnets

    Child selects the letter requested.(CCSS.RF.K.1d.,CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Flowering Alphabet

    Coloring alphabet letters a-m. (CCSS.RF.K.1d., CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Learning N-Z

    Learning the letters n-z. (CCSS.RF.K.1d)

  • Flowering Alphabet 2

    Coloring alphabet letters n-z. (CCSS.RF.K.1d., CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Animal Fun!

    Child learns letter sounds as they find animals. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • What is Your Name?

    Child traces his or her name. (CCSS.L.K.1.a, CCSS.RF.K.1, CCSS.RF.K.1b)

  • Name That Object!

    Children learn letter sounds as they find objects. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Uppercase A-Z

    Learning Uppercase letters A-Z. (CCSS.RF.K.1d, CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Alphabet Balloons

    Child finds letters on balloons. (CCSS.RF.K.1d, CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Match the Word

    Matching words. (CCSS.RF.K.1, CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.K.1b, CCSS.RF.K.2, CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.K.3)

  • Rhyme with Me

    Child discovers the rhyming word for the item pictured. (CCSS.W.K.8, CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.K.2, CCSS.RF.K.2a)

  • Letters With Pictures

    Clicking pictures that begin with letters of the Alphabet. (CCSS.W.K.8, CCSS.RF.K.1, CCSS.RF.K.2)

  • Puzzling It

    Completing puzzles. (CCSS.Math.Content.K.G.B.5)

  • Type Me

    Children Learn to type letters. (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.K.1, CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Letter Search

    Child searches for letters asked for. (CCSS.RF.K.1)

  • Beginning Sounds

    Learning sounds that begin words.(CCSS.RF.K.2, CCSS.RF.K.3a, CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Sweet Rhymes

    Choosing the rhyming words, (CCSS.RF.K.2a, CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Letters and Words

    Making words with letter sounds. (CCSS.RF.K.1, CCSS.RF.K.2b, CCSS.RF.K.2c)

  • Sounding Out Words

    Child sounds out words to hear beginning, middle and ending sounds. (CCSS.RF.K.1b, CCSS.RF.K.2b, CCSS.RF.K.2c, CCSS.RF.K.2.d, CCSS.RF.K.3)

  • Opposites

    Discovering opposites. (CCSS.W.K.8, CCSS.L.K.5a)

  • Letter Sound Fun

    Learning letter sounds. (CCSS.RF.K.2, CCSS.RF.K.3a)

  • Count to 5

    Child learns to count to 5. (CCSS.K.CC.B.4a, CCSS.K.CC.B.4b)

  • Count to 10

    Child learns to count to 10. (CCSS.K.CC.B.4a, CCSS.K.CC.B.4b)

  • Number ID 1

    Child learns the numbers 1-5. (CCSS.K.CC.A.1, CCSS.K.CC.A.2, CCSS.K.CC.B.4a, CCSS.K.CC.B.4b)

  • Number ID 2

    Child learns the numbers 6-10. (CCSS.K.CC.A.1, CCSS.K.CC.A.2, CCSS.K.CC.B.4a, CCSS.K.CC.B.4b)

  • Number Maze

    Follow the numbers -15 to get to the end of the maze. (CCSS.K.CC.C.7, CCSS.K.CC.B.4a)

  • Number Intro

    Child learns the numbers 11-15. (CCSS.K.CC.A.1, CCSS.K.CC.A.2, CCSS.K.CC.B.4a, CCSS.K.CC.B.4b)

  • Animal Count

    Counting Animals. (CCSS.K.CC.A.1, CCSS.K.CC.B.4a, CCSS.K.CC.B.4b)

  • Number Selection

    Selecting Numbers 1-10. (CCSS.K.CC.C.7)

  • Apple Patterns

    Child finishes patterns with apples. (CCSS.K.G.A.1)

  • Ask for ID

    Child selects the number shown, (CCSS.K.CC.B.4)

  • Fishing for Shapes

    Child fishes for matching shapes. (CCSS.K.G.A.2, CCSS.K.G.A.3)

  • Finishing Patterns

    Child extends simple patterns. (CCSS.K.G.A.1)

  • Learning Coins

    Child learns about coins. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Monster Hunt

    Child identifies position. (CCSS.L.K.5.C)

  • Measuring Time!

    Child measures a variety objects. (CCSS.K.MD.A.1, CCSS.K.MD.A.2)

  • Night and Day

    Child chooses if things happen during the day or during the night. (CCSS.L.K.5a, CCSS.L.K.5.C)

  • Color Wonder

    Child selects items that are the same color. (CCSS.L.K.5a)

  • Solving Problems

    Child identifies the best answer from social/emotional questions. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Odd One Out

    Child finds the object in the group that does not belong. (CCSS.L.K.5a, CCSS..L.K.5.C )

  • How's the Weather

    Child chooses correct weather choice based on the given picture. (CCSS.L.K.5a)

  • Map Circle

    Child identifies different locations in their world, from home to outer space. (CCSS.L.K.5)

  • The 4 Seasons

    Child identifies pictures that belong in each season. (CCSS.L.K.5a, CCSS.L.K.5.C)

  • The Human Body

    Child finds parts of the body and identifies what that part does. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Your Planet Earth

    Child puts picture into given categories: air, land, and water. (CCSS.L.K.5a)

  • Need or Want

    Child chooses between two pictures, one being a need and one being a want. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Brain Chain

    Child helps put historical events in order. (CCSS.RI.K.1, CCSS.RI.K.1)

  • Cheeseburger Song

    Child sings along to a song about cheeseburgers.

  • Paint and Play

    Child can color 2 pictures of their choice.

  • Stranger Safety

    Child answers questions on stranger safety. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Who Am I?

    Child is asked a series of questions about how they view certain things. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • More Fun With Art

    Child completes color by numbers/letters. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Rhythm Nation

    Child finishes the rhythmic pattern using given instruments. (CCSS.W.K.8)

  • Friends Song

    Child sings along to a song about friends.