Accelerating Young Minds is Offering FREE Help To Teachers and Parents!

COVID-19 has changed the everyday educational needs of our children. Accelerating Young Minds (AYM) wants to do its part and is offering its online learning activities to early learners at no cost.

Sign up before May 31, 2020 to get AYM completely free through July 2020. AYM will be free to all school districts, schools, teachers and parents who are working so hard to continue educating children.  AYM activities will help children continue their education so that when they go back to school, they will be ready and won’t have fallen behind.

Unique Learning

Progam is based on how the brain learns and retains new and useful information.

Real Life Scenarios

Activities offer experiences in decision-making, creativity, analysis, and or action.


The learning platform is approached through visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile pathways.

Data Collection

All charts provide a snapshot of how students are progressing toward grade-level academic benchmarks, cognitive development gains, and core standards.

Each chart follows the individual student’s personalized learning path and provides immediate constructive feedback on the student’s progress. This data is presented both for the classroom and for the individual student.

Let’s stand together at this time of need! We invite you to take advantage of this free offer today and make AYM a resource for children.

Don’t wait, get started today.

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