Accelerating Young Minds (AYM) is offering your family a special promotion, benefitting Encompass!

AYM is a local E-learning company based out of Snoqualmie, serving neuro-typical children and children with learning challenges. 

What is the Encompass and AYM Promotion ?

 Promotion Details 

  • The AYM Retail Subscription Rate is $19.95 Per Month.  
  • Encompass Families AYM Subscription Rate is $16.95 Per Month.
  • Encompass Receives 10% of The Monthly Proceeds To Go Directly Towards Encompass Programs For Children and Families in Our Community 
  • No Contracts
  • Cancel at Anytime

View Demos of the AYM E-Learning Activities!

Benefits of AYM E-learning

Promotion Details  

  • Learning does not have to stop when the school day ends. Extend your child's learning time at home with easy access to AYM's e-learning activities on any computer with an internet connection.  
  • Stay informed 24/7 through your child's AYM performance data. 
  • Re-inforce the academic development your child is learning in school, from home.
  • The performance data collected by AYM can be shared with their teacher at Encompass and their future elementary school.