Family trips
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Family trips

I have to go to Oklahoma next weekend, it makes me feel stressed. I am not a fan of going to Antlers Oklahoma. From the name, I am sure you can imagine what this place is like. It is in the middle of nowhere, but yet we have to go there for a family reunion. It is the worst. It isn’t fun!

Sometimes my parents don’t understand why it bothers me so much- Here are some things that bother me. There is no service so I can’t even listen to music. It makes me anxious when people talk to me or when there are big groups of people. I use music to drown out the noise and keep people from talking to me. Sometimes I even put the headphones in with no music to muffle the noise. We have to stay in the old farmhouse.  There is too much stuff which overwhelms me. I have to sleep in the same room with some of my family.  This makes me uncomfortable-even if it’s in a different bed. I like my own space…I need my own space.

Food is also a problem. I don’t like a lot of the food that is fixed there.  It is different from what we have at home. There is not much choice even when eating out. There is only a sonic and pizza from a grocery store-and food from the garden.  They don’t even have a microwave!

I think it is awkward “reuniting” with family that I don’t even know. Ultimately, I prefer being at home. In my own room, on my own time, with my wifi.

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