For Parents
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For Parents


Accelerating Young Minds is designed to be used by children 4 to 10 years of age and for those older children who are not realizing their potential. The AYM groundwork is based on way the brain is attracted to and retains knowledge. AYM focuses on cognitive thinking development rather than simply asking a child to memorize academic facts. This is why AYM provides a much larger brain development subject matter, thousands of real world videos and photographs and oral explanations representing the real world. AYM focuses on real world imagery because such imagery is what will be retained into long term memory banks for thinking or learning.

  • Engages and motivates students in a game-like environment
  • Provides progress-monitoring data as child advances
  • Provides Critical and Creative thinking through real world simulation
  • Accessible via the web and tablets so child can use the product anywhere, anytime

See more information on our data: Data Samples


AYM programs target individual instruction for students who are struggling with particular topics, providing timely opportunities to assist student when needed most. This easily identifies individual students strengths and instruction interventions that can allow students to continue to progress without being left behind.


AYM Pre-K Program

Accelerating Young Minds Kickstart

Only $19.95/month with a 2-week free trial

Accelerating Young Minds Elementary Program

Only $19.95/month with a 2-week free trial


Activity Sample Screenshot - Level 1
Activity Sample Screenshot - Level 2
AYM Elementary Program Activity Sample Screenshot - Level 3


Product Screen - Level Preschool Language

Level Preschool Language

Product Screen - Level 1 Language

Level 1 Language

Product Screen - Level 2 Math

Level 2 Math

Product Screen - Level 3 Language

Level 3 Language


Of the many compelling reasons for providing students with instruction to build vocabulary, none is more important than the contribution of vocabulary knowledge to reading comprehension. Indeed, one of the most enduring findings in reading research is the extent to which students’ vocabulary knowledge relates to the mind images created through cognitive learning and real world experience.  Without a personal vocabulary stored in the brain, children cannot and will not read to their needed ability.

Text from book or other print only Visual for word in the AYM program Added knowledge from real visual and audio support
bald eagle
  • It is a bird
  • It is a big bird
  • It flies high
  • It has big claws
  • It has a white head
  • It has feathers
  • Bird name (oral/visual)
  • Visual in right hemisphere of brain
  • Sound of word