Parents’ Story
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Parents’ Story

The learning that occurs in pre-K to 6 years of age forms the basis of all other learning for the rest of a child’s life.  It is a situation whereby the success of a young child’s learning in school seems very apparent, but there are critical absences occurring. Memorization of facts does not create the necessary brain-thinking development that is needed for success in the world in which the child lives. This is why real world curricula and personalized education is a necessity to prepare youth for the future and the competitive global opportunities that will greet them in a few short years.

Photo - Parents today need to assume

Parents today need to assume a more active role to help prepare their children to be the thinkers and the innovators of tomorrow. The curriculum offered in elementary schools today is not adequate if parents expect high achievement for their children in a global society.

Photo - Parents are the backbone

Parents are the backbone of America’s future. Those of us at Accelerating Young Minds (AYM) are also parents and grandparents with children from 18 months to 15 years of age. We share the thrill, excitement and the responsibility of bringing up our children as best we can.

Photo - There will be changes

There will be changes for today’s youth as they enter their young adult life and the AYM job is to provide parents and teachers with the tools to start the necessary learning process early. We can help a student find the passions in learning and allow them to develop as individuals.

Photo - The question you may ask yourselves

The question you may ask yourselves is “what does my child need in the way of knowledge at his/her early age?” The mental demands today are much different from what they were in previous years and students must start developing their brain cells early. This development must be in a manner that is interesting and fun but at the same time building cognitive thinking skills that extend beyond academics.

Photo - Many parents are coming to the realization

Many parents are coming to the realization that they cannot rely solely on the current education system that was developed 200 years ago when industry needed people to operate machines. Still today, education is based on standardization thereby attempting to make each student’s education fit all students regardless of their capabilities and interests.

Photo - the current system is not working

This is why the current system is not working and why AYM has created a program that allows each child to develop his/her thinking capacity as an individual. We have created a software program, called Accelerating Young Minds, which we have found to help children to enjoy the process of learning. Our goal is to prepare children to be innovators and leaders not followers. We hope you will take a look and give it a try!