High School
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High School

A week ago I started my freshman year of high school, it took me one day to figure out it was not my cup of tea. And that’s putting it lightly. I’m fidgeting while writing this, I hate high school. There is no better way to say it. Today was my fifth day, I can not express how badly I want to leave.
I know, trust me, I know, the first couple of weeks are always the worst. But I’ve never had a first week like this. The worst part is all the people, it’s swarmed with sweaty, pushy, raging students. I haven’t been in a school this big since third grade. The only difference is in third grade, I only interacted with a group of twenty-five students. They were the only people I saw throughout the day. And since third grade, my schools have only gotten smaller.

Middle school only had seventh and eighth graders.
Which makes this, high school, an absolutely horrific experience. At the end of my middle school career, I didn’t give freshman year much thought. I guess I didn’t think it’d be much different than middle school. And when I got my schedule, I didn’t think it’d be so bad. I figured I should give it a shot.
I thought a lot of things, all of which were incorrect. I hate admitting I’m wrong, but in this situation, I was way too far off. High school is bad, it’s not middle school, and it did not deserve a shot.

This morning I decided that riding in a car with my sister was also bad and not worth a shot. Today we left the house at around 7:15. We didn’t get to school until 7:47. Why did it take so long? Because we always have to pick up her friend who also makes me uncomfortable. I don’t say anything on the trip there. The whole thirty-two minutes I say nothing. Today I asked her if we could get to school early so I could get signatures for a schedule change, the answer was obviously no. I’m not getting my schedule changed. High school is bad and I would do anything to go back to middle school.

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