I am Back!
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I am Back!

Hi! I took a short break, but I’m back!

My birthday was yesterday, now I’m officially fifteen, but it doesn’t feel any different. I think the whole year that I’m fifteen I’ll be wishing I was sixteen, haha.

Halloween is so soon, my friend and I are going to be barbies. I’m still completing my costume. I don’t even know where we will go, since I don’t like parties and I’m too old to trick or treat. Haha, we will probably just dance around her house and take pictures.

These days I listen to a lot of music, it’s on all the time. I can’t function without it. An artist I’m fond of just released his new album and I’m listening to it as I type! It’s very distracting.

I’ve been having trouble with eating lately. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m not in the mood for hardly anything. I had wings last night from my favorite place ever, which is a rare occurrence, and I wasn’t really that excited. I still ate them, but they even hurt my stomach afterwards. Eating is hard already with my sensory disorder, there aren’t many foods I’ll eat. And now I’m having even more trouble, I just have to force myself.

Thanks for reading!
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