AYM Preschool (sorta template or later)
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AYM Preschool (sorta template or later)

Accelerating Young Minds Pre-Kindergarten Informational video

Accelerating Young Minds Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten

Did you know that a child’s brain grows to 90% of its adult size by age 5?  That makes it critical to offer an early learning environment that will provide a broad base of knowledge.  Studies show that the benefits of preschool/Pre-K academics include overall academic achievement and school success, less grade repetition or special education requirements and increased high school graduation rates.  A preschool/Pre-K child who is able to complete 100% mastery of the over 60 learning activities within the 11 learning platforms offered in our Accelerating Young Minds program will be in the top 10 to 25% of the kindergarten class in academic abilities when entering school.

Accelerating Young Minds’ pre-school/pre-K program is based on its successful programs that are used to advance learning for elementary children in public schools. There are three principal structural elements for all AYM programs.  First, all learning activities are based on the way in which the brain is attracted to, retains, and uses knowledge.  And second, the operation of AYM is based on self-learning that allows the child to progress at whatever speed that the child is able to demonstrate mastery of useful subject matter.  Third, Accelerating Young Minds is designed to develop high level thinking skills at an early age using the 11 Learning Platform Items.

Human Touch Learning Platform Chart

The AYM preschool/Pre-K program is unique because it has intuitive placement based on performance on specific learning activities. This ensures your child is only attempting those activities at their skill level and not so far beyond their skill level that they are not making accomplishments and/or able to comprehend the curriculum.  The intuitive placement is done twice in the program, once in language and once in math.


AYM is compatible on computer browsers, iPads, Chromebooks and Android tablets.

Data is collected for each level and provides a clear, real-time snapshot of how students are progressing toward skill-level, and Kindergarten benchmarks. More information on data collection and examples of AYM reports.

Visit the Products page for more information and buying options, monthly subscriptions are available; you can cancel at any time. The purchase of this product includes access to over 80 math and language activities. Students move through activities at their own pace and can be automatically moved to the next level (K-2) at no added cost (depending on subscription purchased.)

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