Study Survey #1
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Welcome to your Field Study Survey #1

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In general, did your child/student seem to enjoy this task?

Did your child speak any of these words before our study? (bird, nut, frog)

If your student/child had trouble with this task, was it due to:

What kind of response did your child/student have to these tasks?

What was your child’s/student’s emotional reaction? (select more than one option if needed)

Did your child/student want to continue this activity without encouragement from you?

Did your child/student learn from these stories/tasks, information that they did not already know (to the best of your knowledge)

Did your child/student know these word before our study? (Bird, Nut, Frog)

On a scale of 1-10 how much help did you give your child/student on this task?
Please provide us with any other feedback, thoughts or comments that you may have:

Survey for Questions #1-#3: